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Sweet Devotion

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

You are devoted,

it's your plan of mercy.

God, You are so devoted!

To all humanity.

God, so skillfully devoted,

Your time spent with me?!

Father, your desires are more than I can see.

You are Devoted --

All Your love for me.

Thank you for noticing even the little things that bother me.

For God, I know that You can See.

You are Devoted,

and I trust in thee.

God, all the plans

you have for me.

I will yield in return

sweet devotion to You.

For all the wonderful blessings You have given me,

So simple and so true.

Lord, how I rejoice!

In All the things you do!

Miracles of Grace,

That have set me free!

Here is to another chapter, another New Year!

Let it be as You desire--

Devotion, Promised For Me.

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