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Today is the day to PIVOT!

Monday is the day after Jesus completed His work on the cross, death and then resurrection. The glorious completion that Jesus has gifted us could never be earned, make no mistake about this. What Jesus has done for us in this new day is 100% a gift. Here is the reality though, after the cross, after the resurrection, came Monday. Monday became our day of application for the Gift given to us. As some would say, this is our PIVOT point. What do we do with this free gift? Do we hide it until Jesus returns? Do we talk about the gift we've been given without ever enjoying it? Do we share this gift with others? What does this all look like!? In the Bible Jesus literally spent the next 40 days on the earth. He spent time with His disciples and shared with them the plans (the PIVOT). He was clear with them that He would be going back to the Father and that it was actually best that He left (John 16:7). See here is the big plan with in the PIVOT. Jesus was telling them in the verse I just shared that He must go so the Holy Spirit could come. So whats so big about that? No longer God apart from us, but we actually have God in us (baptized)! We go from dead in our sins, too born again in Jesus and now baptized in the Holy Spirit. The greatest PIVOT in History came by reconciliation and God in us! What this PIVOT really brought us was a day of application of the gift given to us by Jesus. I would really like to stir up a question in you. Beyond receiving Jesus, how does this gift of life affect you? Do you turn to the Holy Spirit for guidance in all things, big and small? Are you led by the Holy Spirit not only in "Church" things but in daily life? Have you allowed yourself to be a partaker of the responsibility of sharing the Gospel of Jesus? Have you allowed this gift from Jesus to change your mind, opinions and behaviors before you knew Jesus? See, these are all things we must ask ourselves as we PIVOT from death to life in Jesus. Its Monday, its a new day and if you are in Christ, its a day of Jesus application to our lives!

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