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We are called to Serve and Go!

Brothers and sisters, this is Andy Burkett. As of October 25th, 2023 I am now in full time in ministry. This calling has been a process that I am so grateful for. My current day to day is serving at the Brookville House of Worship in any way I can, pastoral care, teaching, preaching, and worship ministry. In addition the Lord has placed on myself and Brookville House of Worship a commission to GO! GO and train others up! I am actively looking for places that want to press into the Word of God and be stirred up! For places that want to linger in worship or be trained up in how to do this! If this resonates with you, I want to encourage you to invite me or our team out. We are looking for any opportunity to sow into what the King of kings is doing. This can be a study group, a house meeting, a church meeting, a conference, or whatever you have! Don’t hesitate to ask, seriously! Please share if you can. Thank you and Bless you in Jesus name!


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