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Andy and Tiffany, along with their children, Emery, Mia and Cadence are from Brookville, PA. Andy is the visionary of the house. Andy's callings range from planting vision in other believers, preaching, teaching and leading in worship. Tiffany's callings are evangelism, healing, deliverance, and encouragement. Andy and Tiffany have a strong desire to see Brookville come into salvation in Jesus and to stand up as the Body of Christ and walk as we are called.


David and Nicole, along with their children, Hananiah, Josiah, Hadassah, and Ari have made Brookville their home. David is a passionate and anointed preacher, teacher and prophet. Nicole is a gifted and anointed evangelist and preacher. David and Nicole have a strong desire to see people come to Christ and pursue their callings, while being taught the ways of the Kingdom and being built up in their identity in Christ!


We often refer to the work of the ministry as coming to the table. We've sat at the table before the Lord and celebrated with our brothers and sisters. Throughout the years we've been blessed with so many people who have come to the table and brought their portion and worshipped with us. Currently we have many people who consistently come and bring their portion on a normal basis. Above all, we are blessed not by what people do but by the way they love and are led by Holy Spirit.

This is a thank you to them for faithfulness. 

Andrea Hutson - Worship Ministry

Micah Hutson - Security

Diana Mohney - Children's Ministry

Judy Wilson - Children's Ministry

Charlie Gambino - Worship Ministry

Guy Wolff - A/V & Tech

Colette Wolff - A/V & Tech

Mark Davis - The "Man" and helper

Festive Table Decoration
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