Andy and Tiffany, along with their children, Emery, Mia and Cadence are from Brookville, PA. Andy's the visionary of the house. Andy's callings range from planting vision in other believers, preaching, teaching and leading in worship. Tiffany's callings are evangelism, healing, deliverance and encouragement. Andy and Tiffany have a strong desire to see Brookville come into salvation in Jesus and to stand up as the body of Christ and walk as we are called too.


David and Nicole, along with their children, Hananiah, Josiah, Hadassah and Ari have made Brookville their home. David is a passionate and anointed Preacher, Teacher and Prophet. Nicole is an gifted and anointed evangelist and preacher. David and Nicole have a strong desire to see people come to Christ and pursue their callings, while being taught the ways of the Kingdom and being built up in their identity in Christ!


The body of Christ, is a team lift and we will never forget that. Our team will constantly be growing and changing. Here we are right now.

Pictured, Bottom Left: Miranda Miraglia, Jonathan Pezutti, Andy Burkett, Tiffany Burkett. Top Left: David Balzer, Nicole Balzer. (Not shown in picture, Maddi Griffith)


Maddison Griffith

I do not remember the exact moment that God called me to worship ministry. I do know that when I chose to go to college as an early education major God stirred my heart that I was in the wrong field. I am a senior in college now pursuing worship, volunteering at my church in youth ministry and worship. God is faithful and is continuing to guide and lead me.


Jonathan and Miranda

Jonathan and Miranda have been called to Brookville to sow the kingdom here. Jonathan has a pastors heart and the heart of David, a worshipper and worship leader. Miranda is an evangelist and loves to witness to everyone! One thing for sure is this, when you get around either Jonathan or Miranda, you will be touched by the joy of the Lord! They desire to have a blast in the presence of God and take people with them!