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Church on the GO!

We are beyond excited by this endeavor! The Lord has stirred in us to do what has been the plan for 2,000 years! GO! Brookville House of Worship has teamed up with friends of ours from many other ministries around the area and we are going into people's communities, houses, churches and wherever the Lord leads us. Our goal is to present the Gospel by the Holy Spirit and lead people into the Lord as born again believers in Jesus! We believe Holy Spirit is moving in sons and daughters and we are willing and led to manifest the Kingdom of Heaven wherever we GO!

If you would like to have us, just ask! Please contact us via the "Contact Go!" or"Get in Touch" button on the website or call 814-715-7576 or reach out to us on facebook. 


Below is the Church on the Go team. If you need anything, reach out to us! We are here for you and excited to see you grow in your relationship with Jesus and to see you step into your calling as a son or daughter. 

Andy & Tiffany Burkett

David & Nicole Balzer

Jayme & Champagne Good

Terry & Connie Smith

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