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Simple Man

love you more,

Then you could ever tell.

I love you more than life itself.

I came for one reason to die on the cross,

To save the sick and dying lost.

They will never get a chance to see me.

Once I'm gone.

I am here today and gone tomorrow.

I will only come back just once more.

The choice is hard for those to see the difference between normal and reality.

I don't beg for life, it's for you to believe.

I freely gave it all,

So you may freely receive.

Holy spirit, Bread of life, Blood of Atonement and Sacrifice.

Pick up your bed and walk.

You don't have to lay in it any more.

It wasn't ever supposed to be easy.

What is hard, is worth fighting for,

Fight for what is right in the sight of the Lord.

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