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Updated: May 28, 2021

I remember when I was fighting for what was good in the middle of my own darkest days. I couldn't even stand to be in my own skin, but you did come and rescue me...your love has never failed me. When all I did was fail you. I repented of all my sin that hurt others. I remember all that I did. It haunted me how I didn't even have a heart that cared. I felt sorrowful and all alone nobody but myself to blame. Life caught up to me and left me locked up alone in a cold jail. Now I'm done running down the wild trail. All for drugs, sex, and rock and roll, love that always ended up cold, motives that both sides couldn't control. Until I gave up on myself. I said, Lord I need you. I've been down all these other roads nothing makes me happy. What is the meaning of this life? What was fun turned out to be so hurtful with all the things I had seen. Lord, all the things I had seen. It put a scar on me. Torn open and healed over too many times. I can't keep covering it up like I have done nothing wrong. God deliver me and take me out of this mess I have made myself in. I'm humiliated by who I am. They were all good intentions in my heart. I just wanted to have a little fun. Turned out, a little too much fun running from the law, getting ripped off and made fun of. They all hated me. I never fit in anyhow. Thank you for never giving up on me and being able to find time to still love me. I will read my Bible, I'll do what you say. I'm ready to be yours, please forgive me and help me each day. Thank you Jesus.

I promise you. I pinky promise you. Your hand in mine. I will never leave you this time.

If you want to know why I praise Jesus after all I have been through, it's because you don't know what it was like. When I finally seen the great manafestation of Him in my life! He showed me straight to my heart he had been with me from the very start! The power of faith produced revelation knowledge truth! The power of his love has done so much! Even while I was sinning against him he protected my life. He opened my eyes to see where he was with me the whole time! I didn't think he was there at all, but the evidence is so strong. There is too much beyond words to tell, but my heart knows. I will forever praise you!

This is the way I felt in 2007 remembering back when I got saved. So many milestones from there to who I am today. Most people would have never guest, but I grew up too fast, and I had too much to fast. I knew too much then, and I know too much now. When I asked God into my heart to delivered me. He came into my life so fast. He never will leave you, nor forsake you, and that which he has begun a good work in you he will finish it untill the end. He has a plan and a purpose for each and every soul, he's just waiting for us to press into him and give him our all. I had nothing to lose and now my life is blessed beyond measure. I am thankful the lord saved me. He took me out of a painful life and he has given me happiness and restored years that were taken away. May I serve the lord with gladness the rest of my life and tell of his goodness. Psalm 119


Ali Walter

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