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Measuring Time

You are the end of all my days

To You I give my thanks and praise. Who else can carry it all?

The measure of one hour and know it all?

Every moment to the next surrendered in complete happiness…for in You do I trust.

You give Life... and You hear my cry...You take away... and that's alright.

Contently surrendering to Your Will. Faithfully trusting all that You will fulfill.

Faith and trust, like companions, are joined together in many mansions. If it were not so, I would have told you… I am going to prepare a place for you.

Holding onto Faith with instruction, purging us to look through the obstruction…

But even still, in Your hour, You deliver with only Your power.

For Your name is Faithful!

Trusting in Your wonder is

Learning from Your love... So, surrender to trust in Faith...

O, How beautiful it is!! To know His name….and feel so's written upon my heart like a sewn on button... perfectly fitted and tailored just for me.

Designed by the voice of eternity…One who calls into existence as though it was… Faith… Hope…& Unending Love

God you are full of Glory...

It's by your right hand that holds me. You guide me just as you have never forgotten....not even one soul…Too numerous to count, the stars in the skies, the sand of the seas… For what measure was accounted for righteousness to him who Believes?

Then where it was said they will not be my people...

They will be my people…

….And I will be their God.


Hosea 1:10

Genesis 15:5-6

John 14:2-3


10/27 /21

Ali Walter.

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