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How real are you God?

How real are you God?

I AM, as real as the grass under your feet. The warmth of the sun, and the gentle breeze. Look at what you hold in your hand. Is that real? You cannot deny it, or say it's fake. Physically you can see it and hold it, it's real. You bought it, you use it, it's a tool for some use. Can you believe the maker made it? He had to, you're holding it. So it is real, but do you see the maker? No you don't, you just bought it and you just know someone designed it. Does that take faith to believe it? You can put your faith in a man who made something so small it fits inside your hand. Oh, beloved child make the faith of your heart stronger.

I AM, your maker and I have designed even you. All that you can see and many things you cannot see, but they are there! Gold buried as secret treasures, the deepest part of the sea, molten lava inside the center of the earth, micro atoms and organisms alive and active are essential for all living breathing things. I have made all these things and they fit inside the palm of my hand. Know that I am real. I am for you, and I have always loved you, and nothing will ever change that. Ask me to help you use the tools I have given you and I will supply your every need. Reach for higher places and look and seek after the things unseen. I will show you greater things than these. - God

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