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Offering Song

Within my heart you make glad All the things I couldn't have.

With one word is all I need Jehova, my King of Glory.

Take all I have and make me clean,undress the things I cannot see, wash me in the delicate perfume of your Word, fill me with the kindness it concurs...

To understand and see,

To listen, to know,

To want and gain permission from the unknown...

Glory to Glory, Lord teach me more, I am Yours for the taking, fill me up more.

As it lies I know nothing more than even a grain. That I will stay humble, not proud of even one gain. Father for it is You who gives and takes away..

Take me and break me... as many times as it takes. Transform me by the Power of your Living Word.

Let it all be for the Glory of Your Life exalted ...

Keep your precepts always in my heart, never leave me for one hour, let it be, always be so...

Fill my mind set on you... replace it for the love of time... the love of money.. the love of things sweet like honey.. take this offering song of praise too daily teach me and tell you...

O how I love your ways..

You are my hero, my saving grace, my merciful, patient and steadfast gate.

O Jehova, my God, I give my heart, an offering to you...

Take it all and everything I can't hide, You are the God who sees.. I surrender this day my life into your serenity.

My desire is to be nothing but the best of Yours.

Have Your way and Your light in me so others can see and be set free by the Holy Trinity.

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