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Liberty of Love

Updated: May 26, 2021

Give me one word.

Just one word from your heart.

Let it echo of faith, love, and hope.

Breaking away from all you think or know

Let it rise up through,

The scepter of your throat.

Give me this faith, it's all I want to hear.

I will keep you safe from all that is near.

Liberty sets men free from governed laws.

Be freed from yourself, oh, liberty of love.

It's a home on a hill,

Welcoming you to come.

Liberated by the wind in your face.

Feeling rejuvenated by all of God's grace.

Freedom from sin that all men let in.

Liberated of love is delivered

Only by God's son.

We thank you Jesus!

In all our hearts faith. That with you we go, Where no man's gone before.

For we are a spirit of holiness.

Set apart by your love.

Your Undying, Everlasting, Never Fading, All Knowing, Ever Forgiving, Full of Mercy, Blood Shed Love.

No man can touch us, not even the grave.

So why would I not be so bold to say?

Jesus my savior, the lover of my soul.

Each day I grow to know him more.

Each day I am liberated more, and more.

Completely amazed by all that he is, and the power of his name.

Jesus. I AM.


Ali Walter

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