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Glory thru the Struggle

Updated: May 26, 2021

I need to serve my life for you,

For all the pain you went through

All the pain you suffered and took for me,

More pain than one heart could ever carry.

Pain for a world of loss,

To find freedom,

Nailed to the cross.

O Thank you for your redeeming Blood.

O how it must have felt for you.

In all the pain we proclaims his highest name.

For the Father's love finds Grace to see you through what's beyond your next breakthrough!

More power, More glory than ever before, Struggles of pain can never be more, Beautiful when I see it all has all led Me straight to You.

Thank you Jesus for all your LOVE

The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Come quickly, Holy Spirit, come quickly.

Sweep the hearts of a nation whose hearts are turned from you.

Give us Mercy And Second Chance.

We need you Lord. You're our Blessed Assurance.


Ali Walter

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