Welcome to the Brookville House of Worship! As stated above our pillars are: Jesus. The Word, Holy Spirit, Worship, Edification, Presence, The Body. All of these pillars are a must in the Brookville House of Worship. When we come together, we will gather in Jesus, we will get in the Word, we will seek the Holy Spirit, we will Worship until the Lord is satisfied, we will receive Edification in His Presence. We are not doing something new, we are simply joining in the expression and movement set forth in the Word in the new testament church. We have one desire, to be the bride of Christ and satisfy Him alone. Join us and see what the living and active Holy Spirit is doing in this world. 



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Testimony Friday's

 Starts at 7 pm

This is an amazing opportunity to witness the power of Jesus! In this meeting we have our Host: Jonathan Pezutti, lead whoever the guest is sharing their wild transformation from death to life in JESUS! These testimonies range greatly, some will share how they have been healed, restored, called but above all they have been born again! Seriously, come out for these services and be changed by the Word of their testimony. (Revelation 12:11)


Sunday Service

Sundays Starting at 11 am

Join us Sunday Mornings to enter in to Worship, The Word and Fellowship with brothers and sisters in Jesus. This service may not be what you expect, we choose to make it what Jesus expects, all about Him! Join us for a send off into the week!

Dance Floor Blur

Wild Ones (Saturday Service)

Every other Saturday at 7 pm

This service again is an opportunity to enter in to Worship, The Word and Fellowship. However! We as normal literally have no agenda. Our sole purpose and expression with this service and any service is to redirect our attention to Jesus and Holy Spirit. Then we go DEEP into worship and see what Holy Spirit has to say! Just a heads up, this is a WILD time in the Lord. We worship, get in the Word and we could be here for 3-5 hours. The clock is broken and Jesus is alive!



Podcast. Testimonies. Teachings.

We love that the Lord has poured out His gifts and revelation on the body. By doing this and with His Holy Spirit, we have a part and have an expression! We are so blessed to be part of the community in many ways. Here are a few ways you can hear some expressions of the BHOW. 


Conversations with David Balzer

Jesus and Current Events with David Balzer and Randy McGaughey

Imagine That with Nicole Balzer

Pioneers Podcast with Andy Burkett

Ways to find our worship, teaching and preaching:

Search, Brookville House of worship on Youtube, or find us on Facebook at Brookville House of Worship.



227 Main St. Brookville, PA 15825


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